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Reasons why trucking is a great career choice in Canada

Working as a trucker has a lot of benefits. It is a unique career choice that gives you flexibility, security, and financial stability. Lately, more and more people are moving to Canada specifically for this type of job. Let's explore some of the reasons why trucking is a great career choice in Canada and if this is something you should consider. The labor shortage is an excellent opportunity for newcomers At the moment, there is a shortage of truck drivers in Canada. Older drivers are slowly retiring, and younger generations are seeking more attractive jobs. That means you have higher chances of applying for the position of a truck driver and getting it. There are a couple of requirements that are a must: you need a clean driving record; companies will not hire any person who had an extensive list of traffic tickets; a work permit for working in Canada; a positive drive to tackle the challenges of a trucker and deliver results Let's briefly cover the work permits. Work permits