At this time of Pandemic. Are Truckers still paying their fixed Monthly bills?

Amid the Coronavirus or COVID19 Lockdown even though the world stays home, the efforts being put by the Truckers and Drivers on the Roads might go unnoticed. While the truckers continue delivering loads and follow COVID19 safety procedures with uncertainty in their business, they are facing many obstacles including unavailability of basic necessities on the road like food, coffee, auto repair shops, etc. 

It is of utmost importance that each individual did something to help the Truckers in need. The Truckers that deliver Bread, Milk, Eggs, Meat and every basic resource we should be thankful for today. Drivers are ‘essential service,’ and we need to help them continue operating.

The COVID19 lockdown has put down many businesses and has also affected the Trucking industry hugely. However, trucking companies and truckers must continue paying their fixed monthly bills. The question arises, Why pay fixed monthly bills when it is uncertain if the Truck will continue on the road? 

We should take a moment to appreciate corporations that are helping the truckers by offering them discounts and other benefits. An article posted by Derek Clouthier, “Random acts of kindness toward truckers abundant during COVID-19 response,” on Truck News shows how this world is coming together at this time.

Electronic Logging devices being mandatory to operate a Semi-truck in the US has also added to Truckers’ fixed monthly expenses. It is only fair to look for options that allow them to suspend or put a hold on ELDs for certain trucks or Terminate them when required. But the confusion stays, “What if I got another load today or tomorrow or next week. Will I need to reorder or reactivate ELDs?”

The ELD 2020 offers ELDs at No Hardware costs, No fixed monthly costs, and no contract. You only Pay 0.99 Cents when you Drive. Delivered overnight. An amazing model called, “Pay as you Drive,”  during this COVID19. Visit their website, to know more

Managing monthly bills has become a nightmare for everyone. Increasing COVID19 cases and death all over the world is forcing people to stay in. The Trucking Industry has taken a big hit during this epidemic but continues to operate and is here for the rescue. 


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