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At this time of Pandemic. Are Truckers still paying their fixed Monthly bills?

Amid the Coronavirus or COVID19 Lockdown even though the world stays home, the efforts being put by the Truckers and Drivers on the Roads might go unnoticed. While the truckers continue delivering loads and follow COVID19 safety procedures with uncertainty in their business, they are facing many obstacles including unavailability of basic necessities on the road like food, coffee, auto repair shops, etc.  It is of utmost importance that each individual did something to help the Truckers in need. The Truckers that deliver Bread, Milk, Eggs, Meat and every basic resource we should be thankful for today. Drivers are ‘essential service ,’ and we need to help them continue operating. The COVID19 lockdown has put down many businesses and has also affected the Trucking industry hugely. However, trucking companies and truckers must continue paying their fixed monthly bills. The question arises, Why pay fixed monthly bills when it is uncertain if the Truck will continue on the ro

Optimal Driver Training Program-A key to organizational profits

Proper fleet management is linked with successful driving habits as it has a significant impact on corporate success. Maintaining a safe fleet is integral for a firm due to high-risk disasters associated with it. Even a small mistake can lead to a hazardous accident. To keep your drivers up to date on safety standards, implement a robust training program. How to build a successful driver training regime? To create a successful “Driver Training Regime”, follow the below-given strategy: Analyze driver needs:  A big thanks to “Telematics Technology” that helps to generate a perfect plan of current fleet standards highlighting risky areas like idling, speeding, collision reports, and hard braking. This data is then evaluated to detect areas needing improvements. Furthermore, you can assess other essential trends in your fleets. Determine the appropriate training technique: Once the training needs are analyzed, there is a need to finalize the type of skills and knowledge

Derive fundamental information through Fleet Management Reports

Gain a bird eye view of your fleet health through the “ Hutch Report System ” that provides top-level insight into actionable data. You can measure success by determining key performance indicators as well as opportunities for cost reductions. Get a crystal clear summary of all fleet-related activities  You can simply check which operation has been performed and what can be done for improving vehicle and driver performance. Hutch will provide you all sorts of reports you need on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Below given are some of the reports that “Hutch” provides as per your company requirements: StateWise Distance Reports  This report provides a distance summary of a vehicle in a chosen state.  Excel Reports Daily on Duty Reports- It provides information about on-duty hours of a chosen driver for a given period.  Users & Drivers Reports- It shows the list of all drivers and user accounts for the selected period.  Vehicles Reports- It displays th