Telematics and its diverse benefits for fleets

What is Telematics? 

This is a versatile technology that has changed industrial face especially fleet industry with its potential to monitor a range of data associated with vehicle activities.

A reliable platform that covers all your bases

It solves most of the fleet management concerns by simply providing information about where your vehicles are.  Since data is marked as a new currency for business, telematics technology becomes an integral part of a fleet business due to its endless opportunities rendered.  Hardware devices deployed in the vehicle are used to gather and share vehicle data. It works in conjunction with GPS technology and on-board to record information from sensors or systems. With the help of wireless communication, the data can be shared in real-time. This data is highly crucial to determine trends, make enhancements and reap significant profits.
Trying to get a fleet management system providing strategic benefits? Then you have come to the right place, “Hutch” is here to assist you with advanced telematics technology. It addresses most of your big concerns i.e. maximize profits, mitigate risk and cut down inefficiencies.

Advantages of High-Tech Telematics 

Telematics offers a myriad of benefits providing a bird’s eye view of the fleet in just a single press of a button. Below listed are some of its application of telematics that goes beyond tracking vehicle whereabouts.
  • Save Fuel Expense: The only way to save money on fuel is to focus more on driver behavior. Driving behavior is detected against activities like sharp cornering, hard braking, speeding, idling and fast accelerating. Furthermore, telematics also improves route choice and encourages strict auditing of fuel consumption.
  • Improve driver safety: Safety is the main concern for a fleet manager as it is the key obligation that every fleet owner should follow. Telematics systems enable companies to benchmark driver behavior to reduce the chances of incidents on-road and damage to freight as well as the vehicle. On the basis of performance, driver counseling can be done to guide them about regulatory compliance. 
  • Reduce maintenance costs: By leveraging telematics technology, a company can remotely monitor vehicle usage and prepare service schedules. This proactive servicing will prevent any pile-up of issues, thereby avoids unexpected breakdowns that further disrupt business operations. 
  • Enhanced communication: Getting in contact with the drivers on-road can be difficult but will telematics, the communication process becomes simple. The entire process is automated and there is no need for human intervention required to check data and report back. Managers will gain access to the required information and focus more on core job areas. 

  • Promote better job satisfaction: Drivers can gain more control over their regular schedules through tablets and smartphones. They already know how much work shift is left for on-site reporting. 
Hutch Systems is the renowned provider of telematics technology. Embrace our solution and make data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to high efficiency, smart driving and increased profitability. In case of any query, feel free to contact us at 604-776-3564 or simply drop your email at


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