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FMCSA gives HOS regulatory relaxation to CMV Drivers in response to COVID-19

President Trump declares a national emergency due to the spread of coronavirus disease. In this emergency, trucks form a critical part of moving goods from one place to another. Therefore, the drivers transporting relief products are exempt to follow FMCSA Part 390-399 regulations. This decision is made to help impacted areas to ensure the safety of their residents. Fleet operations that are exempted from HOS rules  This suspension covers motor carrier operations providing direct help in relief efforts like: Transportation of hand sanitizers, masks, disinfectants, soaps, and other sanitation services to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Hauling medical equipment required for testing and diagnosing COVID-19 and its treatment. Supplying Food items for restocking stores Moving infected individuals as designated by federal authorities for isolation or quarantine purposes.  Transporting equipment required to house quarantine services that facilitate persons against COVID-19.  De

How can you stay on top of fleet compliance?

Ensuring assets and staff in the field are safe and compliant with DOT regulations can be challenging, but we make it simple by providing you tools required to build a safer fleet. By improving regulatory compliance requirements, you will be able to decrease liability and also cut down the cost of insurance claims. Safety and compliance in fleet operations Fleet compliance is the only driving force behind running safe operational practices as it prevents unscheduled downtime. Ensuring fleet compliance is a continuous process due to its ever-changing business needs raised or introduced by FMCSA .  All you need to do is execute a comprehensive approach covering different fleet management aspects that need to be met. The concerned areas of compliance are: Driver training and scorecard Risk management and safety programs  Vehicle maintenance and repair Vehicle licensing, registration and permitting Measures to promote driver safety Before a driver is assigned safet

Tips to avoid accidents on the road

Trucking is one of those high-risk industries causing traffic fatalities and truck accidents due to its size, high speed and cargo they are hauling.  Drivers need to pay constant attention to their vehicle as even one second of distracted truck driving may pose a serious risk to not only drivers but also to other people on the road. Some of the common causes of accidents determined by safety administration are : Speeding: One of the major causes of a truck crash is driving above the speed limit. Speeding is done by the driver usually to meet the deadlines within the stipulated time duration.  Fatigue: Another main reason behind road accidents is driver fatigue as they tend to exceed their driving hours to make maximum deliveries.  Distracted driving: Distracted driving is another big concern behind fatalities caused when a driver is driving taking phone calls, chatting behind the wheel, eating etc.  Intoxicated drivers: Drugged driving is highly unsafe and put driver and other

Telematics and its diverse benefits for fleets

What is Telematics?  This is a versatile technology that has changed industrial face especially fleet industry with its potential to monitor a range of data associated with vehicle activities. A reliable platform that covers all your bases It solves most of the fleet management concerns by simply providing information about where your vehicles are.  Since data is marked as a new currency for business, telematics technology becomes an integral part of a fleet business due to its endless opportunities rendered.  Hardware devices deployed in the vehicle are used to gather and share vehicle data. It works in conjunction with GPS technology and on-board to record information from sensors or systems. With the help of wireless communication, the data can be shared in real-time. This data is highly crucial to determine trends, make enhancements and reap significant profits. Trying to get a fleet management system providing strategic benefits? Then you have come to the right place, “Hutc