IFTA Reporting

Leverage ELD 2020 to improve accuracy in maintaining fuel purchase and detailed distance records. 

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a joint venture introduced by 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces to simplify the task of redistributing fuel taxes being paid by inter-jurisdictional carriers. The qualified companies need to record fuel purchased and total miles driven in every jurisdiction.

IFTA Compliant Hutch ELD

Fuel reporting requirement is a cumbersome job for fleets as incorrect mileage and fuel calculations may pose serious concern for the company during an audit. To track IFTA miles accurately, you can simply use “ ELD 2020” that automatically records every mile travelled by the vehicle. Our in-vehicle hardware captures route, location and operational data to calculate mileage. Also, it determines exempt miles of individual states to generate reports according to the appropriate file format. This will eradicate unnecessary effort spent on the paperwork.

Necessary documents required to file IFTA

Every motor carrier needs to maintain the following documents:
  • Receipts either in form of soft copy or hard copy
  • Payment for fuel tax should be submitted four times a year to the IFTA member jurisdiction
  • In case of overpayment, a refund is due whereas, for underpaid taxes, the difference is due
  • Maintain trip reports for miles travelled in every state
  • Both IFTA permit number and IFTA license number required

Benefits of using ELD for IFTA operation

  • Automatic calculation of distance travelled by a vehicle in a particular jurisdiction
  • Eradicate the need for manual data entry
  • Risk of data inconsistencies is removed, thereby decreases audit errors
  • Helps to import fuel card data instead of computing it on the basis of receipts
  • Improves processing time by quickly identifying unnecessary fuel cost sources. Hence, driver productivity is improved by providing a quick review of fleet fuel activity.
  • You can retrieve a number of reports according to the requirement i.e. per month and per quarter report for every truck. Moreover, these reports can be saved in multiple formats like CSV, PDF etc as per your requirement. 

Guidelines for IFTA audit

This audit is performed by the state government auditor that basically will review the entire process of filing IFTA tax. Auditor will check how much a company owes in the form of unpaid taxes, penalties, etc.

Type of documents to be compiled for IFTA audit

  •  Filed forms: An auditor can ask you to provide a copy of quarterly filings for any interval. So, keeping scanned documents of filings in a place is a good option to avoid the last-minute hustle.
  • Worksheets: You need to manage all the spreadsheets used in every quarter to integrate miles from every truck and month to generate total IFTA miles for every state.
  • Summaries: IFTA summary of a truck may be demanded by an auditor for a specific month of a quarter. Be ready with your company trip sheets as you can get an auditor from any state.
  • Trip sheets: Auditor may want to review route information or odometer readings at the time of starting and ending of the trip.
  •  Log details: In case, trip sheets of a company are not up to the mark then the auditor can request log pages from a driver. 


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