GPS Tracking System to increase your profit margin

Let’s dig into the idea of lowering your fleet expenses and increasing ROI (Return on Investment) through GPS Tracking System that provides you with a comprehensive suite of characteristics. Track your truck and you will receive the necessary information required for making adjustments to remove areas of waste and hence enhance productivity

A quick-fire solution to gain instant insight into fleet performance

GPS Vehicle Tracking is one of the crucial features in “ELD2020” that enables fleet managers to have direct control over their vehicles while they are on the road. It is well-said fact that “The key to brand success is transparency”, hence monitors your driver’s location at any given moment and manages your day effectively.  Our intuitive map interface differentiates vehicles and other important markers on the map depicting geofences or customer locations. 

How tracking will be useful for your business?

You will feel more empowered with our reliable “ELD2020” providing you complete coverage when your vehicles are en route. Some of the major benefits are enlightened as follows:

  • Access fleet data at glance: It allows you to view driver location at a moment and sends an automated notification on arrival. You can easily prioritize jobs by knowing the live estimated time of arrival, impacting your rest of the deliveries
  • Improves productivity by decreasing fuel costs: Fuel is one of the regular expense in the fleet industry irrespective of its size. With GPS, you can see when the drivers are free getting your vehicles idle. Furthermore, it will save route information so you can easily know whether your drivers are taking the shortest route or not. The expense incurred by maintenance service is also reduced to a significant extent as you can easily track mileage and engine hours, consequently, it will decrease the cost of tire replacement, engine maintenance etc. 
  • Promotes fleet safety: You will receive alerts in case of your drivers are speeding, hard cornering as it leads to the consumption of more fuel and is also prone to accidents.
  • Efficient fleet operations: Customers demand is to receive on-time delivery that will be possible only when dispatch orders are assigned to the right driver and at the right time. Only an optimal plan can ensure to meet same-day requests and expectations of customers. 
  • Reduce unintended use: In case your vehicle is driven in unauthorized areas or is stolen then this tracking system will be useful for police to track the exact location of a vehicle. 
  • Monitor cold chain operations: We also provide complete control to a reefer fleet where they can monitor their refrigerated cargo. It helps to ensure that cargo temperature do not exceed the acceptable range limit. The in-built sensors will send you an alert in case of the occurrence of any sudden change. 

First-class “GPS tracking” platform

Our commitment to “ELD2020” is as strong as our reputation in the fleet industry because all these software solutions are built by our in-house team of professionals. They are familiar with this product since two-decade and provide you prompt updates regarding any issue. Therefore, you will receive a pristine product that will continue to work in the upcoming years. 


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