Integrate Fleet Management System for effective asset utilization

Optimal fleet management is essential for companies operating commercial vehicles as it will impact their bottom line. A fleet manager plays a crucial role to manage the mobile workforce as he/she is liable to assure the vehicles are maintained properly and drivers are compliant to federal regulations likes HOS, ELD mandate etc.
Fleet management is a mechanism to enhance productivity, control costs, maintain compliance and reduce risk factors in fleets. It enables companies to manage their resources optimally and cut down unnecessary costs.

Fleet management concerns

A fleet manager may face complex challenges associated with:
  •  Effective asset utilization
  • Maximize productivity while controlling unintended use of resources
  • Working with a geographically dispersed team
  • Ensuring driver safety i.e. eliminate preventable accidents 
Therefore, managing a fleet is considered to be a challenging task which can be made easier by having an efficient “Fleet management” system in place.

Key benefits of productive “Fleet Management” system

Given below are some of the major advantages of dedicated fleet management that secure the business from unseen expenses and other market fluctuations:
Maintain fuel costs: Fleet management can be expensive as it is mainly concerned with fuel costs. Fuel cost is an overhead for companies due to its dependence on market forces. To reduce this cost, the fleet management system is a vital solution that provides “Fuel efficiency” and “GPS Tracking”. The fleet manager will receive real-time data related to fuel usage, maintenance reports and driver downtime to determine areas needing improvement. 
Improved driver safety: Fleet management system encourage better safety habits as managers can review the driving behavior of every driver working in their fleet. This helps to make informed decisions to keep business operations run smoothly. 
Automated fleet reports: This automated system will provide reports as per the chosen criteria i.e. weekly, hourly or daily reports. So, a manager can make enhancements based on the evaluation.
Live Tracking: Fleet managers will get to know about the exact location of a driver at anytime and from any location. The location of the vehicle will be pinpointed on the tracking map portal. 
Maintenance: The Fleet manager will receive notification regarding upcoming maintenance or when a vehicle maintenance is due which increases the lifetime of vehicle components. Also, it decreases vehicle and driver breakdown significantly. 
Easier scheduling and dispatching: Fleet management solution simplifies the most stressful task for a company that otherwise is managed on paper-based records. With the help of a centralized database and mobile communication, dispatchers will be able to interact with drivers and monitor staff availability to assign orders quickly even last-minute changes can be made easily. 
Improved customer service: By leveraging new technologies, companies will be able to improve their customer experience. Customers can receive real-time updates regarding their deliveries and remain assured to get it on time. 
Electronic logging (E-log): ELD solution helps to manage logs with increased reliability and accuracy. The driver just needs to login and the system will start tracking the driving hours.

If you are struggling with above concerns, bring a professional fleet management system in-house and take the benefit of future opportunities. 
Realize the long term benefits of fleet management; invest in it and save more than you invest!!
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