DOT Compliant DVIR Reporting System

Every driver should adhere to the regulations of submitting their DVIR’s daily that records different defects before the vehicle goes out for a trip. ELD 2020 provides you a simple electronic DVIR system that acts as an efficient communication channel among fleet managers and drivers. The team will be informed immediately of critical vehicle defects, hence prevent breakdowns. 

Strengthen DVIR and increase vehicle uptime using ELD 2020

A pre-trip and post-trip inspection is a significant method that assures your fleet is in good working condition.  However, it seems to be a time-consuming process. Isn’t it? No worries, ELD 2020 is here that will generate a seamless workflow so that bugs are fixed in a timely manner and you always remain ahead of issues. 

DVIR Process

Vehicle Inspection: Driver can perform a visual inspection by walking around the vehicle to look for defects starting to test brakes, lights, wiper blades etc. 
  • Pre-trip inspection: Driver can complete the pre-trip and post-trip inspection from their tablet. Before taking a vehicle on road, pre-trip inspection is to be performed listing the defects noted in the vehicle. If a driver noted a critical defect then they cannot take their vehicle on the road till that defect is fixed whereas in case of minor defect driver can select “safe to drive” checkbox to take the vehicle on the road. 
  • Post-trip inspection: During the completion of the work-shift, a driver should complete DVIR to detect any damage that may pose a safety concern. So, it ensures not just the driver is safe, but everyone is safe on the road. 
Report Defects: Report the defects that may impact the safe operation of vehicle and results in a breakdown.
Sign Off: After DVIR completion, the driver should sign it and then submit to the motor carrier. 
Repair Certification: Motor carrier then perform corrective action on reported defects. After making a repair, it should be certified. 

DVIR Features in ELD 2020

  • Ultimate user interface: Our intuitive interface design is easy to understand and simple to use. Therefore, any user can enjoy our application without any complexity. 
  • Decreased overhead of manual paperwork: This paperless logging cut out the manual work that needs to be performed. The driver only needs to scroll down the checklist and mark items as correct or defective. The system will retain copies of DVIR’s; hence a user can fetch reports immediately through this standardized system
  • Images of defects: Drivers can capture the photos of defected components through their device camera to provide an accurate view. 
  • Add comments: Drivers will be provided an option to add comments regarding any issue encountered in DVIR.
  • Defect notification: As soon as the driver report any defect, a record will be generated in web application notifying you about a defect. 

Heavy penalties in case of non-compliance with DVIR rules

Fines will be imposed due to non-compliance with FMCSA regulations and unsafe vehicles will be immediately marked as out of commission. This results in revenue loss to a carrier as well as your CSA scores.
Just Go electronic and submit your DVIR in real-time using tablets or smart phones to avoid hefty fines!!!!


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